Characters of Pentre Bach

Discover the characters of Pentre Bach, this magical television village.

**Characters created by Mary Vaughan Jones

*Characters created by Ifana Savill

Sali Mali **

(played by Rebecca Harries)

The main character and a Welsh icon. Sali Mali started her life in 1969 as a character in a book written by Mary Vaughan Jones which was part of a reading scheme which has sold tens of thousands of copies and still sells like hotcakes.

She will be 50 years old in 2019! She runs the Café in the television series Pentre Bach and also has a little house which she shares with Jac Do her pet jackdaw.


Jac y Jwc **

(played by Idris Morris Jones)

Again one of the main characters and a Welsh icon. He is a comical character and has a tiny little white washed house in the village.

Jini **

(played by Mali Harries, Detective Inspector in Hinterland)

Jini is Sali Mali’s sister and Jac y Jwc falls in love with her when she comes to visit Sali Mali in Pentre Bach. It was love at first site!

Jac Do **


Jac Do is Sali Mali’s pet jackdaw. He is always with her in her house or in the Café. He is very nosey and inquisitive and has a tendency to pop up in the most peculiar places.

Coblyn *

(played by Dafydd Jones)

Coblyn is a naughty little goblin who plays tricks on all the villagers. He lives in Pentre Bach with all his little gnomes.

Jemeima Mop **

(played by Mari Jones)

Jemeima, a proper Mrs Mop runs the village launderette and also cleans for certain people in the village. She gets herself into a tizz very often. She is besotted with her cat called Whishgit but he is afraid of mice!

Siani Flewog **

(played by Mali Tudno)

Siani is a very glamourous librarian. She is larger than life and very dramatic and loves books.

Bili Bom Bom *

(played by Rhodri ap Hywel)

Bili Bom Bom is the inventor in Pentre Bach. He invents things which are mostly made out of recycled material. He has a car which he has named Sabrina and he is endlessly trying to make her fly!


Parri Popeth *

(played by Dafydd Aeron)

Parri runs the Shop and the Post Office. He isn’t as young as he used to be and is always forgetting things and gets himself into a pickle very often. Just as well that Jini offered to help him in the Shop!

Pili Pala *

(played by Lowri Steffan)

Pili Pala is the Welsh name for butterfly. Hence she lives in the Butterfly Hotel. She is very, very pretty and loves the colour pink. She is married to Palu. She has a little sister called Popi who comes to stay every now and again...

Palu *

(played by Aneurin Jones)

Palu is Pili Pala’s husband and helps his wife to run the Hotel. He also owns a JCB and does odd jobs for the people in the village. He has a younger brother called Plwmp who often comes to help Palu.

Dwmplen Malwoden **

(played by Siwan Bowen Davies)

Dwmplen is a very nervous kind of person and tends to create chaos where ever she goes! She lives in a little willow house in one of the gardens.

Y Pry Bach Tew **

(played by Jeremy Turner)

This character runs a taxi business and is always on the lookout for work.

Shoni Bric-a-Moni *

(played by Marc Griffiths)

Shoni is a wheeler dealer and buys all sorts of odd objects in auctions. He lives in the house next door to Caffi Sali Mali which is the Bric a brac House. It is full of antiques and quirky objects e.g. a wind up old gramophone. He is always looking out for a bargain.

Jaci Soch **

(played by Emyr Bell)

Jaci Soch is the Editor of the local paper and is always looking out for news. He is very full of his own importance.

Nicw Nacw **

(played by Dafydd Llyr Thomas)

Nicw Nacw lives in the Football House and is football mad.

Tomos Caradog **

(Nia Ann Davies)

Tomos Caradog is a young lad who loves computers and is a techno . He also loves playing football with his friend Nicw Nacw.

Mrs Migl Magl *

(played by Nia Elin)

Mrs Migl Magl lives in the house called Pistyll Gwyn. Her hobby is knitting and gossiping! She knits all sorts of things for the other characters. Her companion is a sheep called Daf Dafad who supplies her with an endless amount of wool for her knitting!