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School Trips, Sleepovers/Resources

We have many school trips to Pentre Bach at specific times of the year. They are very popular with the Foundation Phase and compliment the idea that learning goes hand in hand with playing.

It is best to phone us directly on 01974251676 to chat about a possible visit – the best time to phone is between 13.00 and 14.00 – or leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

When you arrive a welcome drink and snack is provide and is inclusive in the price. All teachers and carers go for free. The day entails a viewing of one of the episodes and then the tour of Pentre Bach begins. Along the way there are various activities and visits to e.g. Parri Popeth’s Shop, Sali Mali’s House, Dwmplen’s Garden and trail. We can provide a party/ lunch etc. There are all sorts of activities e.g. The Shoe Hunt which is very popular with children and adults!

School sleepovers

A must have experience! … A two day event.

The usual end of term treat for the Fondation Years children. Ideal for younger children that are too young to go to Llangrannog.

Usually the children arrive after school and then have time to choose where they want to sleep and have time to settle down, then the fun begins – we have a party in Caffi Sali Mali with all sorts of party food and of course jelly to finish off with – no party is complete without jelly. After the party usually the children are tired and its time to unwind in the houses. Because they are familiar with the location as they have seen it on TV and because they stay in a real house rather than a dormitory they settle really well and one by one they fall asleep.

The following day begins with having breakfast in the houses – usually chocolate croissants and cereal and orange juice. Then there is a full day of activities to look forward too – they get an unique experience – to cook in Caffi Sali Mali – sometimes it’s a pizza , sometimes different flavour biscuits. Then they have a surprise visit from one of the characters – it may be Coblyn the naughty little goblin who calls by and takes them for a walk around Pentre Bach and shows them his very own caravan.

By then it is lunch time and again a feast in store. After lunch they have time to play and shop. We have a little shop in the café and is stocked with Pentre Bach related items e.g. shortbread, fudge, toffees, stationary e.g. notebooks, pencils, biros, erasers as well as the usual toys.

By this time, the bus is there to collect them and Sali Mali waves them goodbye.

Read some reviews from students & teachers alike...

Pentre Bach is the best holiday in the word - Ianto (student)

Pentre Bach is better than Alton Towers! - Catalina (student)

A great chance for me to assess social & motor skills while the children play... - Teacher


Pentre Bach is fun, fun, fun! - Anest (student)


A fantastic place for kids - all 25 had a brilliant time during their sleepover! - Elinor Davies (teacher)



The subtitled television programmes, 80 episodes in all are repeated regulary on S4C .

The success of the TV series has created other resources.

  • DVDs of the first 30 episodes produced by Sain are on sale.
  • The popular singer Gwenda Owen and her daughter Geinor released two CDs of songs based on Pentre Bach and the characters.
  • Hwb (NGfL Cymru) have online resource packs written by Ifana.
  •  Gomer Press was commissioned by the Welsh Government to produce a 80 book reading series written by Ifana. Gomer Press have also an extensive range of books based on Sali Mali and her friends. New titles are added yearly.
  • Merchandise which includes Sali Mali and Jac y Jwc dolls can be seen on gwales:
  • Pentre Bach sell a variety of  items e.g. t shirts, hoodies, pencils, pens etc.